Projection Mapping resources

Video Projection Tools (currently 5.1) by HC Gilje is the software we reviewed in class – it’s a multi-layer, real time projection mapping program, fully made with Max, and fully controllable via OSC messages from any program you choose. You can also embed Max patches directly within in via it’s Fx Bus, and broadcast video to it from Jitter and other sources via Syphon.

Some artists, groups and projects that I mentioned:

Krzysztof Wodiczko, one of the pioneers of narrative public video projections, here’s the Art:21 segment with him.

Post Theater, a very interesting performance group utilizing various creative uses of projections in their work, such as this: SkinSITE.

AntiVJ: the european group of designer / performers, responsible for the now infamous 3d-exploding-blocks visual gimmick, still outdo most producers of projection mapped spectacles:

And finally, the infamous Graffiti Research Labs (GRL), makers of the open source projects L.A.S.E.R tag and more recently, Eye Writer, and their Mobile Broadcast Unit (build your own today!):

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