Nadav Assor creates videos, installations, performances, and objects. His work deals with the performed mediation of cities, bodies and personal narratives via appropriated military-industrial technologies. Assor has exhibited internationally in festivals, music venues, museums and galleries in North America, Israel, Europe and Asia. He has recently exhibited and performed work at three of the recent Transmediale Festivals at the KW Center in Berlin, the 2013 Berlin Director’s Lounge, the Soundwave Biennial in San Francisco, Spectrum NYC, and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. His work was reviewed in publications such as the Creators Project, Vice Motherboard, Art Monthly UK, Haaretz, and more. His recent solo show “Angels”, featuring a prayer-chanting hexacopter and other drone-based work, was an Artforum Critic’s Pick for July 2014. Nadav was born in the US and grew up in Israel, where he earned his Bachelors from the Midrashsa College of Art. He holds an MFA as a Full Merit Fellow in Art & Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC, 2010). He is the inaugural recipient of the SAIC Edes Award, one of the school’s highest honors, and also among the 2011 awardees of the Israeli Ministry of Culture’s Young Artist awards. Since 2012, Nadav has been an Assistant Professor of Expanded Media and a Fellow at the Ammerman Center for Art & Technology in Connecticut College.

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