Argus (2014)

Argus is a series of digital prints, named after the largest multi-camera surveillance system currently in use by US drone aircraft. This system is in turn named after the mythical figure of Argus, the titan with a hundred eyes.
Each print in this series is a manipulated composite made out of several frames grabbed from FPV hobbyist videos that were downloaded from Youtube. FPV stands for First Person View. It describes a situation in which a drone operator uses a real-time video feed coming from their drone to see from it’s point of view as they fly it, using video-goggles or a monitor. The images in this series were frame-captured and composited to present the best representations of a single fleeting moment, in which the drone operator sees themselves through their own drone’s camera – otherwise known as a “Drone Selfie”. This relates to my larger interest in the way drone technology ties into archetypal practices and aspirations, such as the mystical trance resulting in an “out of body experience”.

Chromogenic prints of digital composite images
Dimensions vary
Argus (2014) | 2014 | Prints