Strip: Lakeshore East + Stripping (2012 – 2013)

To make Strip / Lakeshore East, I rode my bicycle throughout the year, in all seasons, day and night, on multiple paths through “Lake Shore East”, a unique part of Chicago that has been completely transformed by human artifice, in the process losing any sense of a consistent ground plane or uniformity of locale: it consists of violent oppositions between landscaped parks, underground service tunnels, parking-caverns inhabited by impounded cars and homeless derelicts, three level underground highways, manicured lake-shores, luxury living condos and walled in observation decks, fountains and fireworks, garbage dumps and engine rooms- all stacked on top of each other within less than a square mile.

Map of Chicago's Lakeshore East development, to the northeast of Millenium Park, and the path I rode through it

Map of Chicago’s Lakeshore East development, to the northeast of Millenium Park, and the path I rode through it

The technical mechanism by which the panoramic image is generated is similar to the system I used for previous pieces in this series: A continuous video is shot from a camera mounted on a bicycle moving through a location, pointed sideways. Consecutive moving frames from that single traveling shot, are spatially laid out next to each other so that each “slice” shows a moment a few seconds behind that shown by it’s neighbor. The intervals in time between these slices are constantly in flux, thus generating a landscape of shifting spatial proportions.

The piece was also developed for a live performance, Stripping, in which live feeds from “drones” scanning the venue area is converted into panoramic video strips in real time, alongside manipulated 4 track tape loops of location recordings. The performance is site-specific, and has so far taken place at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, and at CentralTrak gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Following are some images from the development process:

Strip: Lakeshore East
Panoramic, time delayed video installation
Duration: 1 hour 28 minutes; Varying dimensions, currently 24 by 3 meters
Strip: Lakeshore East + Stripping (2012 – 2013) | 2012 | Installations, Performances, Videos